Multidisciplinary Musical Meetings

21-22-23 March 1997

Salle Witkowski, 18/20 quai de Bondy, 69005 Lyon

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Program of the Conference

Music & Notations : A wide range of artistic and scientific disciplines make use of notational systems. This is true for Music; it is also true for Chemistry, Mathematics, Choreography just to name a few of them. These notational systems have multiple and deep relationships with their discipline. They reflect a state of knowledge as well as a vision of the world, but they are also a decisive element in the evolution of their field.
Multidisciplinary Musical Meetings 97: The third Multidisciplinary Musical Meetings aims at taking stock of the evolution and the roles of music notation as well as its interactions with our thought and practices, by bringing together composers, musicologists, performers and music historians. The question of notation will also be examinated from the point of view of other disciplines like Dance, Linguistics, Cognitive Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science. The program of the conference includes about twenty talks (with a special contribution of composer I. Xenakis), debates and demos as well as an exhibition on Music Notation.

Organisation : The 'Music & Notations' conference is organized, within the Musiques en Scène festival, by Grame and the French Ministry of Culture with support of the DRAC Rhone-Alpes. Organizers : Hugues Genevois and Yann Orlarey.

Registration : For registration and additional information please contact Grame, 9 rue du Garet - BP 1185 - 69202 Lyon Cedex 01 - France, Tel +33 (0)4 72 07 37 00, Fax +33 (0)4 72 07 37 01, Email

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