Ever since 1992, Grame has presented “Musiques en Scène” as a multidisciplinary event based on the creation of music. In 2002, this event has become a biennial. With an attentive interest towards the development of new creation tools and string instruments connected to computer devices, the “Biennial Musique en Scène” reports the zones of disturbances and approaches in between the artistic territories.

Since its creation in 1992, 605 composers have been played, 130 visual and sound artists have been invited, about 1658 creations (among which 259 world creations, 62 French creations and 120 commissions) have been presented, and 758 public events (concerts, shows and other events) have taken place. From 1998 to 2006, Grame along with the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Lyon have been presenting a big yearly exhibition of artistic sounds. In the year 2000 and 2008, around 120 000 people had the opportunity to attend the manifold concerts, colloquiums, meetings and exhibitions offered in Lyon and its region. In 2000 "Musiques en Scène" dealt with sound spaces within the urban network.

In 2002 the emphasis was on music as the creative mingling of cultures. And in 2004 the message had to do with the fit between gesture, movement and musical style. With the advent of the new technologies, today's music scene is more than ever marked by gesture, body movement and sound mobility. In 2010, the Biennial “Musiques en Scène” event invited the composer Kaija Saariaho like in 2008 when composer and orchestra conductor, Peter Eötvös, as been invited as organiser of the programme.