One of the essential functions of Grame, the Centre National de Création Musicale, is to assist in the production of contemporary music for concerts,the theatre, and events related to other areas of present-day culture.
In this capacity, Grame offers composers, performers and researchers, both from France and elsewhere, the possibility of residencies for given periods, to work on specific projects.


Terms applying to residencies

Under the terms of a residency contract (see below), Grame makes available to the resident the necessary equipment (a composing studio, a recording studio and research facilities) as well as human resources in the form of technical assistance.
Specifically, Grame takes responsibility for:
• the resident's accommodation (with payment being made directly to the relevant body)
• meals (lunch and dinner), on the basis of a standard rate
• studio charges
• payment of Grame's technicians, who work under the supervision of the resident or visitor
• sundry expenses related to creative work (DAT cassettes, CDs, etc.)
Travel costs and subsidiary expenses, e.g. for the copying of scores, are the responsibility of the resident.

Terms applying to applications for residencies

Saliha Saghour is the administrative official in charge of residencies, including the processing of requests, the finalisation of arrangements, and reception procedures (hotel reservations, keys, etc.). His address and telephone number are those of Grame.
His e-mail address is

For information on technical details, the future resident may consult Christophe Lebreton ( .
Applications for residencies, must be sent to the administrative official at Grame, and must include:
• a CV
• a description of the project (i.e. a summary, with the desired duration of the residency, the number of instrumentalists envisaged, the means required for the execution and/or performance of the work, and also, where applicable, the date of the first performance and the name of the group to be used, etc.)
• two or three scores of existing works, with recordings if possible (this condition applies only to musicals residencies)
A selection committee meets at regular intervals to decide on the choice of residents from among the applicants. After approval in principle by the selection committee and the technical staff, the future resident have to send Grame a copy of the residency contract, duly filled out and signed